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Consumer research is the first and most important thing we do. Then, we extract the most valuable insights and apply it to your social media efforts through a series of platforms and networks that never stop working for you.

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"These days, you can't succeed as a company if you're not customer led -- because in a world so full of so much constant change, consumers can't anticipate the next big thing. Companies should be idea-led and customer informed."
- Doug Atkin, Partner, Merkley Newman Harty

Our Sure Winner "User Centric Social Media" Approach

Go to each tabs above and find out how a user-centric social media approach ensures a high-value user outcome. We help clients pull together user evidence, analyze user feedback, and embed business users in the strategic and functional refinement of social media solutions.

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Your customers are your business
Today social media has changed all the rules of customer interaction. For every one interaction your company knows about, there are hundreds and thousands more that are already happening between customers, influencers, and prospects. And, this is the opportunity. How valuable is your customer network?

Right crowd Right place Right time.

Thre amazing reach..

  • Over 300,000 visits within the first 36 hours
  • Global news coverage, from CNN stories to BBC documentaries, and Time magazine articles and everything in between. Estimated media coverage is valued at approximately AUD$332* million.
  • To date, the campaign has reached an audience of approximately 3,000,000,000 through media coverage.
  • Web stats of 8,001,900 visits (6,800,046 monthly unique visitors), 53,889,455 page views with an 8.25 minutes average time spent.
  • A Google search for “best job in the world island” achieves about 43,603 news listings and generates 231,355 blogs.

WOW = Simplicty + Quality

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93.2 million views across 650 unique clips across 150+ video sharing destinations
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A successfully designed social media campagin will meet the needs of your business as well as the goals of your users. Understanding your user needs is critical to creating social media identities that is intuitive and keeps your users coming back.

Social networks and blogs are now the 4th most popular online activity ahead of personal email, Member communities are visited by 67% of the global online population, time spent is growing at 3 times the overall internet rate, accounting for almost 10% of all internet time. Nielsen Online

Online social network users were three times more likely to trust their peers' opinions over advertising when making purchase decisions. JupiterResearch

Provid your customers with social hugs

A new study released today from Wetpaint and the Altimeter Group confirms that deep engagement with consumers through social media channels correlates to better financial performance.

ENGAGEMENTdb study shows that, on average, companies with the greatest breadth and depth of social media engagement grew company revenues by 18 percent over the last 12 months, while the least engaged companies saw revenues sink 6 percent on average over the same time period.

Defeating the Japanese and Riding Off into the Sunset

According to Anderson Analytics May 2009 survey, 52% of social network users had become a fan or follower of a company or brand, while 46% had said something good about a brand or company on a social networking Website—double the percentage who had said something negative (23%).

social media can create, support and strengthen brand loyalty on the spot. Really, social media done right is value-adding personality. If you can get your visitors to feel like they know what your company, organization or brand is all about and leave them excited and intrigued then you are going to get more people knocking on your door. Our approach can enable to sustain brand loyalty over time by being connected where your customers or end-users are connected.

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