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Valuable Business Results
We delivers hard ROI, boosting a company's bottom line by empowering customer advocates. WebSickle customers consistently achieve significant returns from reduced support costs, increased word-of-mouth marketing, and accelerated innovation.

End to end social media solutions
WebSickle's strategic services provide you with the expert guidance and support you need to determine the best approach for your Social Media initiatives. We'll help you identify the pragmatic short term and long term goals that will produce quick and significant ROI.

A user centric approach
Consumer research is the first and most important thing we do. Then, we extract the most valuable insights and apply it to your social media efforts through a series of platforms and networks that never stop working for you.

Our vertical expertise

Winning Social Media Strategies

Our role as Social Media Strategist is to help you build a social business model that aligns tools/technology with your business objectives.

If your organization has the right capabilities and mindset i.e. passionate about your customers, interested in the opinions of your stakeholders, want to add value to relationships, motivated to engage with your target audience online, etc. but is missing the professional know how or strategic framework, then WebSickle can help you:

  • Understand all factors that require consideration before jumping into social media 
  • Develop social media objectives 
  • Decide the best way to integrate social media into your existing culture 
  • Establish your social media "capability" 
  • Learn how to listen and monitor what users are saying about your brand 
  • Ease into the process of particpating in online conversations 
  • Engage your employees in the process 
  • Develop a system that makes it easy to maintain your social media initiatives 
  • Develop social media content that stakeholders find useful and helpful 
  • Set up social media tools and implement tactics 
  • Understand social media ROI 
  • Set up analytics and reporting 

Our user centric analytic approach is result oriented.

  • Objectives - What are your social media goals?
  • Target Audience - Assess user needs and buying questions that can be addressed through social media 
  • Social Capabilities - What is your ability to create content, maintain social networks and manage your communities? 
  • Listening - What are people saying about your brand? Listening to users offers the information required to produce relevant content and shape your social media strategy
  • Social Media Tactics - Which social media matrix best fit your strategy?
  • User Experience Strategy - Develop a user centric personality; Help build two-way conversations with your audience; Host value added interactions; Facilitate sharing of information; Have a clean, functional, usable layout with ability to interact, use multi media, wide distribution tactics , etc. 
  • Measure - Use analytics tools to measure engagement i.e. leads, sales, page views, visitors, subscribers, followers, fans, comments, etc.
  • Results vs. Goals - Measure results vs. objectives; Why did you succeed or fall short? 
  • Refine - Assess data; Adjust your strategy; Introduce innovations

Bluntly, are your social media initiatives healthy?

It doesn't exist if you can't measure it. Too often marketing programs are launched without clear objectives. Are you positioned to succeed with your social media initiatives?

Our social media audit analyzes the current state of social media for your company.  During the audit we look at the following:
Audit Basics:
This is an in-depth analysis of your company's presence across the social web and an actionable strategy for ways to improve it. Not every company needs to be on Twitter or Facebook. This audit will help you discover the ins and outs of the social web that fit best with your business.
Audience Analysis
Before we can begin any type of social media audit we must first understand who your target audience is and what your goals are.  Only then can we begin to evaluate your existing social media assets and recommend new tools and strategies.
Competitive Analysis
Understanding what your competitors are doing with social media is crucial.  We work with you on identifying your top 3 competitors and then analyze their social media efforts.  We look for their strengths and weaknesses so that we can understand where to focus our social media efforts.
Current Assets
Once we have completed the audience analysis phase we can then begin looking at your current social media assets and how they are being used, we provide recommendations and strategies for improvement.
Unutilized Assets
Here we look at social media tools and platforms that you should be using but arenít.  We find the most relevant tools and platforms for your business and then provide recommendations and strategies on how to use them.
A Social Media Reality check. We benchmark your social media opportunity.
Our social media Audit and Report is a thorough, candid and transparent investigation into the current state of your social media initiatives, your competitors' position, and the social media opportunities of your industry. Nothing in best-practices is one-size-fits-all. Our analytic solutions will be tailored to serve your site, your business, your visitors and, above all, your conversion rate and ROI.

More than search engines we optimize for Humans

We help you get the most from what you already have
Optimization of your existing online assets is your most productive and cost-effective response to challenging times. It is also the quickest way to achieve measurable conversion rate and ROI uplifts.
social media map

Some of our Specialized ptimization services includes Podcast optimization, Videocast optimization, Online reputaion optimization, CMS optimization etc

Nothing in best-practices is one-size-fits-all. Our Optimization solutions will be tailored to serve your site, your business, your visitors and, above all, your conversion rate and ROI.

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Social Media Strategy Consulting

Over an intensive four- to six-week consultative engagement, WebSickle develops a Social Media Strategy tailored to your specific business needs. This engagement consists of six phases:

  • Current State Social Media Assessment: We assess the current state of Social Media in your organization on an external, internal, and individual employee level. We then construct a business assessment of Social Media as a strategy to power your customer service, marketing and sales and innovation.
  • Future State Social Media Perspective: We propose a high-level future state Social Media Strategy for your business internally and externally. This includes your future state Social Media business objectives, business perspective, benefit categories, presence and any policy or culture implications.
  • Social Media Strategy Business Alignment: We assess the fit of the future state Social Media Strategy with your business, marketing and IT strategy.
  • Future State Social Media Strategy: Both parties agree on a detailed future state external Social Media Strategy for the business.
  • Future State Social Media Architecture: We create your future state Social Media business and technology architecture and perform a high-level technology architecture gap analysis.
  • Social Media Strategy Roadmap: We create a Social Media Strategy roadmap and agree on the approach and phasing.
  • What are your measurable social media objectives for the business?
  • What's your strategy for achieving those objectives?
  • What alternatives do you have for achieving the same results?
  • What resources will you apply to be sure we meet those social media objectives?
  • How will you monitor progress against the objectives?
Strategic Planning
We provide clients with a suite of  social media tools, frameworks, and planning and decision-making processes proven in the public and private sectors that help them make solid strategic choices, especially in a resource-constrained environment. We help clients incorporate a long-term perspective into their social media strategies, while focusing on the best way to get results. Nothing in best-practices is one-size-fits-all. Our analytic solutions will be tailored to serve your site, your business, your visitors and, above all, your conversion rate and ROI.

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Social Media Workshops

More and more brands are flocking to social media, most with an overriding sense of uncertainty. What is the set of tools (video, text, photo, audio, search, clients, etc.) that comprise social media? What does it do? What can we use it for? How do we reach our audience here? How is this different? How can we measure success? How do we govern it? Smart businesses want to understand and learn how to approach the opportunity.

We conducts an intensive two-day onsite workshop to develop the basis of your organization's social media strategy for listening to and engaging your online fanbase.

Benefits of Attending

Demystify social media and learn how to grow your business with the RIGHT social media strategy:

  • Discover social media tools plus do's and don'ts for social media marketing
  • Learn the who, what, where, when and why of blogging and blog marketing
  • Understand the mechanics measuring the social web including online reputation management
  • Learn to leverage your digital assets for social media promotion including images, video & podcasts
  • Explore how microblogging, social bookmarking and wikis can extend your reach online
  • Pull together social media basics, tools and examples to develop a practical social media strategy
Basics included

Learn how to define social media, understand tools and practical applications for developing your own social media strategy. Live online exercise which will introduce you to practical applications of social media tools.

Attendees will construct an outline of their own social media strategy which will be reviewed by the instructor.

Nothing in best-practices is one-size-fits-all. Our Training Solutions will be tailored to serve your site, your business, your visitors and, above all, your conversion rate and ROI.

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Here you will get honest, expert professional input. No boilerplate answers. No candy-coating. No sales talk. You will have the undivided attention of a senior consultant depending on your requirements.

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