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Business Results not Promises
We delivers hard ROI, boosting a company's bottom line by empowering customer advocates. WebSickle customers consistently achieve significant returns from reduced support costs, increased word-of-mouth marketing, and accelerated innovation.

End to End Social Media Solutions
WebSickle's strategic services provide you with the expert guidance and support you need to determine the best approach for your Social Media initiatives. We'll help you identify the pragmatic short term and long term goals that will produce quick and significant ROI.

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User Centric Social Media Approach
Consumer research is the first and most important thing we do. Then, we extract the most valuable insights and apply it to your social media efforts through a series of platforms and networks that never stop working for you.

Our Services Are Research Based
You get top notch talented people all working under one roof to not only meet your business objectives, but exeed them. We can put your brand essence in the middle of engaging content through various social media channels that your customers will love to engage and pass it on.
Our Vertical Domain Expertise

Social Media is emerging from an immature period of competitive dislocation to one of market maturity, in which clear user needs and platform value propositions have emerged, paving the way for incumbency, scalability and successful monetization.

WebSickle Can Effectively Connect You with Your Potential Customers

WebSickle is a Social Media Brand Experience Agency. We discover insights into how customers truly participate with brands through social media, then develop compelling ideas to persuade them on their own terms. Finally, we measure our work, with the goal of creating true believers. We help clients incorporate a long-term perspective into their social media strategies, while focusing on the best way to get results through a gamut of strategic and tactical social media services in a resource-constrained environment..

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We can be Your Social Media "Think Tank" and "Do Tank" Cost Effectively

Our approach as social media experts is to enable our customers to build their sales and profitability based on a marketing strategy that is focused on developing a sustainable relationship with their customers. Through rigorously applying this results focused and customer centered approach, we have helped our customers to achieve significant improvements in sales and profitability. Developing successful marketing strategies with supporting go-to-market plans and measurable activities is where we start with.

Few of Our Most Requested Value Added "Go-To-Market" Services are:

  • Social Media Feasibility Studies and Market Entry Strategies
  • Social Media Requirements Analysis and Solution Sourcing
  • Social Media Readiness Audit
  • Social Media Brand Optimization and Repositioning
You can outsource all your social media marketing activity to us or we can simply help out in the areas where you need most assistance. As a full service social media experts we are able to flex the service we provide dependant upon your needs.
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Driving Passionate Customers To Your Social Media Experience Matrix

Today's socially networked consumer is demanding more from the companies they do business with. They are expecting higher levels of service and enhanced communications provided through more channels, and they have more outlets for voicing opinions about their experiences than ever before.

We Can Help Your Social Media Engagements Define Your Brand

Engaging in proactive conversations with those consumers to manage and deliver on their expectations will become critical to a company's ability to succeed. We can provide the foundation for the next generation contact center, by connecting not only the contact center and the rest of the enterprise, but also through social media in new ways.

Assure a Sustained Business Growth Through Engaged customers

Social media makes it easier for your customers to engage and disengage with your brand. Building social media capabilities to consistently delight customers with positive brand experience doesn't happen without a strategic plan.

We can embed your brand essence through various social media content channels so that your customers can experience it. We'll help you communicate your brand experience at every touch points of your social presence directly, instantly and convincingly.

Few of Our Most Requested Social Media Vertical Services are:

  • Viral Video: research | strategy | pre/postproduction | implementation | promotion
  • Audio Podcasting: strategy | pre/postproduction | implementation | promotion
  • Blogs/Microblogs: research | strategy | management | promotion
  • Content Management System: usability | standards | SEO | SMO | syndication
  • Content: research | strategy |curation |UGC | development | distribution
  • Social Media Brand Management: strategy | monitoring | optimization | promotion

We Can Create a Positive Experience Matrix for your Brand

At WebSickle We create engaging experiences designed to promote awareness, brand loyalty, advocacy and conversion. We map the patterns of social influence to identify who is influencing who, how influence is building momentum, and who emerges in specific fields of interest as social influencers. Given this insight and intelligence, we guide our clients through the fuzzy landscape of social media engaging in these dialogues and participating to build extreme positive brand experience.

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We Deliver Social Media Solutions Beyond Your Marketing Department

We believe that social media implementation is a process, rather than an event. It needs to be built from the inside, by the people who have a true understanding of the organization's goals and wider business strategy.

Fulfilling Social Media Expectations of Your Emerging Workforce

Social media is changing the way employees communicate. The new tools and technologies represent opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing and engagement that just cannot be ignored. Most companies have no corporate memory for employees to tap on the most business-critical topics, such as customer feedback, new feature requests and ideas, and best practices.

social media strategy approach

Implementing social media practices is very different than planning ongoing operations, initial adoption of social media practices should be treated as a change management initiative, beginning with internal approach that aligns organizational objectives with functional capacity in the affected departments.

We Help You Get the Most From What You Already Have

Enterprise social media adoption requires a huge cultural and operational change for most companies, and a steep learning curve for most employees. They have to overcome their fear of transparency, learn new tools, master new lingo and communications conventions, internalize new ways of working, and change their daily routines. If you want your employees to embrace social media, you need them to learn how to use social media for real work. Professional and personal interactions follow completely different norms and patterns.

We can bring synergy, cohesion, playfulness, imagination, creativity, humility, wisdom, inventiveness, knowledge, sensitivity, flexibility, humor, and joy to your:
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Care and Support
  • HR and Recruitment
  • Internal Communication and Training
  • Research and Development
  • Community Management
Few of Our Most Requested SM 360° Services are : Internal Social Media Branding | Open Knowledge management | Employee Memory Mapping, knowledge retention and reuse | Best-in-class Micro-sharing Implementation | Collective intelligence and Co Creation Culture Implementation
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User Experience is Deeply Rooted with Your Positive Social Media Experience

Social Experience is a blend of brand experience, the senses stimulated and emotions evoked, each intuitively measured against customer expectations across all touch points of social media.

When we make something on social media, we generally want lots of people to use it - and to enjoy using it. If they don't enjoy the experience they are unlikely to come back unless the service provided is absolutely essential and has no competitors.

Great positive experience on social media will allow a user to do what they want to do and get excited about it; they will swear by your product or services and spread the news through social media, networking with their friends, showing what they purchased or experienced influencing others and buying more from you and creating a fantastic positive buzz around a company or product.

Checkout our recession proof RACER Formula

Unfortunately most of the social media customer experiences are bland at best and unforgivably poor at worst. On social media only the occasional experience is noticeably good, and this normally stands out from the crowd. Millions of dollars are spent acquiring customers, however nowhere near enough is spent on customer experience leading to customer retention and loyalty.

Great social media usability is concerned with the success of the community

Social spaces don't necessarily expect participants to find and understand everything immediately. Instead, we encourage users to spend more time with us by making them feel welcome and by supporting play and exploration. User satisfaction is still vital but with so many new tools around is satisfaction enough? We want love!

Basic Laws of Positive Social Media Experience

  • Every interaction creates a personal reaction
  • People are instinctively self centered
  • Customer familiarity breeds alignment
  • Customer feedback needs to be key metric
  • Customer experience drives loyalty
  • You can't fake it

User Centric Approach:

All of our projects are created with the user in mind. User research, profiling and using stories to influence is our core strength. We can research where and how your social experience links with your customers, study those results to get more from them.

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Our Three Phase Social Media Consulting Engaement Process

Our strategic social media consulting engagement process is dynamic and continuous. An interaction influence or frequency in one channel can necessitate a change in the entire marketing strategy. Throughout the process the firm may need to cycle back to a previous stage and make adjustments. We can help your executives to enhance short- and long-term market value by creating breakthrough operational and transformational social media solutions.

Our Strategic Consultative Engagement Process

Our strategic consultative engagements are always tailored to your specific business needs. Our engagement phases are:

  • Current State Social Media Assessment
  • Future State Social Media Perspective
  • Social Media Strategy Business Alignment
  • Future State Social Media Strategy
  • Future State Social Media Architecture
  • Social Media Strategy Roadmap
  • Social Media Implementation and Management
  • Social Media Analytics and Optimization

When Businesses Typically Engage our Social Media Services?

  • To rejuvenate businesses / brands and accelerate growth plans through social media
  • To identify new business opportunities, estimate potential and translate to revenues
  • To refresh marketing skills or deploy marketing processes in the organization
  • when an external perspective or view point is needed
  • when faced with resource bandwidth issues
  • To outsource the entire social media marketing function

To address these client needs, we offer services that add value across the entire strategic social media marketing value chain with the flexibility to deliver across the whole value chain or part modules as per the client's online business and brand requirements.

End to End Social Media Integration

WebSickle Consulting enable you to integrate social media as a seamless part of your overall brand strategy, allowing you to engage your customers in authentic conversations that increase customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and drive your business goals. Whether it is a short-term market evaluation for a new product, or the long-term strategic development of a new sector, our professional approach and experience ensure our clients get the results their business needs.

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WebSickle Consulting helps to make your social media marketing and communication more effective. Whether your social media objective is to generate leads, acquire or retain customers or to reduce costs, our professionals have a proven record of delivering hard results.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Consulting

Using our knowledge and experience of marketing strategy development and marketing planning, we focus on working with our clients to get the upfront thinking right and to develop marketing strategies and implementable marketing plans to deliver sustainable improvements in business results.
Developing successful marketing strategies with supporting go-to-market plans is the core of what we do and it's how we add most value for our clients. Drawing on our own hands-on experience as marketers and borrowing from academically recognized best-practice, we have our own proven and robust approach to developing effective marketing strategies and marketing plans to successfully apply on behalf of our clients in different industries and market sectors.

Social Media Optimization Services:

How do you accelerate your online sales and close gap with social media marketing? There is no single answer. But we will work with you to optimize your social media profiles and its engagement with potential clients to meet your specific business needs. Based on rich behavioral insights WebSickle optimize your social media marketing and improve conversion by making social experiences more positive, personalized and relevant.

Social Media Project Management

We recognize that not all clients require ongoing social media marketing support but may need extra support for a specific project. We can complement your existing marketing team with additional resource or expertise as and when you require it. Our breadth and depth of social media marketing experience means that we can bring best practice and new thinking as a valuable additional resource when you need it most. This might be for a strategic review, a new product launch or the development of a specific social media marketing campaign. We can tailor the nature of the project management to your requirements as part of a wider strategic activity or as a stand-alone service

Social Media Marketing Outsource

Many small to medium-sized companies fully understand the need to develop the social media marketing of their business but are unclear as to the return on investment that will be delivered by establishing a dedicated in-house marketing team. As a result it is frequently the owners and directors of these companies that end up "doing the marketing" on top of their many other responsibilities. WebSickle Consulting can provide a measurable and scalable value for money solution to this "problem".

We can act as your company's "outsourced social media marketing department", providing effective project management to deliver all your social media marketing and communication needs and - just like an in-house marketing department - we'll be there to answer your questions, give advice and provide the professional expertise you require. This enables you to measure the success of your social media marketing activity and the return on your investment without the fixed employment costs associated with establishing your own team. Our expertise and experience across the full range of marketing activity enables us to deliver an integrated and one-stop solution.

Let us act as your outsourced social media marketing management team and this will leave you free to focus on where you add most value in the company - on all the other business critical activities that need your focus and attention.

Our "Retainer Pack" for Small and Medium Businesses:

To handle your ongoing day to day social media marketing issues WebSickle can work on a retainer basis with you, starting with a minimum of a three month engagement. The client receives a pre-determined number of consulting hours each month. Short term engagements also available, and are scoped on an individual basis.

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