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Achieving your social media objectives is our sole mission.
Flexibility in approach
Each organisations, their projects and their products are radically different. We engage in a different way with each client, and recommend different activities to get the best results.

Our Passion and expertise
Working with WebSickle, you'll meet the most passionate consultants in the industry. We believe in our approach, and genuinely want to help you and your products. We are often complimented that we understand more about our clients' domains than they do themselves.
We're not the largest or the loudest, nor want to be. We do, however, pride ourselves that our work for our clients ranks with the very best. Our solutions will be tailored to serve your site, your business, your visitors and, above all, your conversion rate and ROI.
WebSickle Consulting delivers competitive advantage to organizations by revolutionizing the way they interact with their customers on the social web. Here's a few key reasons why leaders choose WebSickle for their Social Media solutions and services.

Direct, Tangible ROI
Successful social media solutions mean real business results. Whether the objective is to support, promote, or innovate, WebSickle has a way of turning your customers into your greatest asset with results and ROI built-in to our engagement methodology.

Community Expertise to Ensure Success
With over a decade of experience, learning, and refinement, we have built our offerings to focus 100% on community success. For you that means, proven best practices, checkpoints, reports, training, and project management.

User Centric Approach
Over the past few decades, the study of usability has yielded best practices to ensure that websites and other forms of digital communication achieve the desired business results. Through our years of user experience expertise we make sure that our client's Social media communications adhere to these tried-and-true principles in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Analytics that Drive Action
The ability to measure, drive business insight, and act is crucial. Without it, your community could be languishing and you would have no idea why. With more than 200 metrics, on-demand charting, and benchmarking services, you'll have immediate access to information about user behavior - not just content - is a critical factor in managing and driving the success.

Some typical online business situations

  • You've just embarked on Twitter but have no idea what you are doing or why your business or organization should be out there spending time on "tweeting"
  • You have various "fans" on your newly created Facebook page but they are mostly friends and you seek to add more professional contacts to your fan base
  • You're already on various social networks and participating in online communities but have "plateau'ed" and need to renew your sense of direction
  • You are fairly active on LinkedIn and other social networks but are having a hard time "connecting the dots" and integrating your social participation into your marketing activities.

Some of the typical customers

  • Leave it to experts - social media strategy firms really know what they're doing. They've accumulated the resources, accounts, profiles and contacts to take campaigns to the top, to properly build company-related social media properties, and to get the buzz in right direction.
  • Fast time to market - is significant. With the right individual or organization providing the service, a company can have an effective social media projects up and running in 30 days or less.
  • Cost - It's normally less expensive to hire a firm to do social media marketing compared to hiring an individual or team to work exclusively for a company.
  • Set goals and monitor result - For most companies, the convenience of being able to set the direction, sit back, and wait for results is extremely appealing.
  • Changing landscape - Social media sites change their procedures regularly. What works today to get a front page story on Digg or massive retweets on Twitter may not work tomorrow. A company who is deeply embedded in social media can be a tremendous benefit.

Benefiting from our usability consulting services

Our clients come to us for our unique expertise and skill with the user experince (usability) based social media solutions solutions. Clients include large companies with millions of users, to mid-size and start-up firms.
We have developed a pragmatic approach to social media consulting that the following clients have benefited from:

  • A major resort chain invited WebSickle to speak with its management about how social media will impact its major lines of business. We went through each area, detailing what was happening today and providing concrete recommendations on not only how customer care and marketing needed to change, but also the stresses the company would face internally as employees became more engaged via social technologies.
  • An agency sought guidance on how the marketing and communications landscape was changing –and how the firm needed to shift its strategy and change its organization to meet the challenges of a maturing social landscape. We spoke with leaders in each practice area and worked with them individually and as a group to craft an initial strategy on how to integrate social media into their business.
  • A financial institution asked for recommendations on how to select social media tools. We used their specifications and requirements to provide detailed recommendations and feedback on which tools would be a good fit for their needs.
  • A hospitality group engaged WebSickle to help its executive team think about new strategic marketing options, addressing the question, "What’s next?". We provided research on trends we were seeing, but also helped them move beyond a primarily ROI-based evaluation criteria to think about game-changing platforms that they could explore new market and stay ahead from competition.

WebSickle delivers solutions to address real business challenges across the social media lifecycle. By helping clients listen to, engage, and support their customers, websickle powered social networks can increase perr to peer marketing, reduce support costs, and accelerate brand loyalty.

We work with clients to understand their business needs and to extract definitive goals for their social media initiatives. Then, we create a plan of action to achieve measurable results.
WebSickle's growing network of partners is comprised of ISVs, interactive agencies, system integrators, and consultants strategically selected to meet the unique Social Media requirements of our clients. WebSickle's clientrs benefit by utilizing this network to accelerate and multiply the business value of their Social Media initiatives.

Technology Partners
Our Technology Partners extend the value of WebSickle's Social Media Services through integration into key business processes that improve the efficiency of client engagement, accelerate ROI and deliver measurable business results

Vaakya Technologies Invision Technologies XCentric Solutions
Solution Partners
Our Solution Partners deliver business results through expert strategy, implementation, training, integration and analytic services.

ProactSys GridNest Technologies
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If you would like to know more on how to partner with us to drive success now, call us, +1 310 256 4704 (US) +91 9845172481 (Ind) (24/7) or send us the quick request for contact. We'll get back promptly.
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